Save money, make money and do your bit for the environment all at the same time


Summer Special, 4KW Solar PV array for just £5499*

Plus a free solar iboost (worth £400 fully fitted)

This summer make sure you take advantage of our fantastic summer solar PV offer (available until 1/7/17)

This offer includes x14, 280W panels, invertor, all connections, all roofing materials, handover and all neccessary certificates. PLUS A FREE solar iboost. The exact material specifications will be provided when quoting. (The price quoted £5499 excludes VAT, but with VAT @5% is £5773.95*.

Save money, make money, and do your bit for the environment all at the same time!

With an average household electricty consumption of 4000 kWhrs or speding £560pa, (4000 kWhrs x your electricty rate, eg £0.14, equates to £560 per annum), around 30% could be reduced with your solar PV array, which would represent savings of around £168*. Please remember the amount that you can save will vary depending on lifestyle and other factors which we will explain when we visit. For exmaple if you are in all day then you should be able to use more of your FREE electricty that you have generated. Also if your annual bills are higher, then you should be able to save more.

Not only this but you also get paid. The Feed in Tariff payments (commonly called FIT payments) are paid to you annually for 20 years and index linked with CPI.

As an illustration only, based on installing a 3.96KW PV array in the Scottish Borders, with a roof facing due south on a 35 pitch roof with no shading. This gives an irradiance factor of 902, so for 3.96KW of capacity installed you generate 3571 kWhrs of electricty. The current FIT rates (until July 2017) are £0.0414 for generation, and £0.0503 for export (export payments are 50% of generation at the £0.0503 rate). This equates to £147 pa from generation, plus £89 from export, so £236 per annum**. This may sound too confusing but we'll happily explain this to you.

What is a solar iboost?

The Solar iBoost+ concept is to divert the surplus solar photovoltaic energy generated at your home to heat the water in the household tank and save you money. Most households will use between 2500-4500 kWhrs per annum to produce hotwater. Therefore the electricty you are generating but not using, will automatically divert and switch on your immersion heater and raise the temperture of the water, again reducing your household running costs. If you don't have a hotwater cyclinder / immersion then we will be able to discuss this and the corresponding price difference without the iboost. Click on the link below.

The total benefit as above is £404 per annum in value, plus any savings for hot water generation as well as future protection against rising electricty prices, and lets not forget your carbon savings.

** “The performance of solar PV systems is impossible to predict with certainty due to the variability in the amount of solar radiation (sunlight) from location to location and from year to year. This estimate is based upon the standard MCS procedure is given as guidance only. It should not be considered as a guarantee of performance.” “This system performance calculation has been undertaken using estimated values for array orientation, inclination or shading, based on the MCS irradiance dataset provided. Addition ally, the actual performance may be significantly lower or higher if the characteristics of the installed system vary from the estimated values.” “This shade assessment has been undertaken using the standard MCS procedure. The site has no shading and therefore it is estimated that this method will yield results within 10% of the actual annual energy yield for most systems.”


Important Conditions - prices may vary from house to house, (as you would imagine a 3 storey farmhouse is very different to a modern bungalow to wire and fit). Previously confirmed acceptances do not qualify for this offer. Offer closes 1/10/17.

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