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Renewable energy installations for commercial properties in Scotland & Northumberland

Case Studies

We were selected to install a biomass solution to provide heat and hot water to a large house and holiday rentals. We designed the solution with x2, 90KW Froling Chip boilers as this would be able to accommodate a 'peaky load', and also with a small amount of additional capacity to add future services. Remote buffer tanks and pump stations were installed in the main house some 300 metres from the boiler location.

As there was no obvious solution to locate the biomass system, working closely with the client we created a new boiler 'barn' which was built from whinstone to be in keeping with the existing buildings. Our roofers slated the roof with significant lead work around the 'hay' loft, which was designed to allow blown in chip deliveries to the large store. As we were slating the roof, we discussed with the client installing an inset 7.2KW PV array into the slate roof, and the savings made from slating made for a very cost effective PV array.

"Installing our biomass boiler involved building a whole new barn. The reason I would recommend Renew Green Energy is that they coordinated all aspects of the project including the construction work but also the plumbing, the landscaping and electrical work as well as the actual installation and commissioning of the boilers. Having a single point of contact for the whole project made a huge difference." Owner

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