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Renewable energy installations for commercial properties in Scotland & Northumberland

Case Studies

This was one of our early district heating systems to 4 houses and a grain dryer. We opted for two cascaded boilers to accommodate a potential peaky load associated to drying grain. The system now dries chip as well as grain so more year round use and this helps to maximise the yield from RHI.

Quote from Guy Lee

"Renew Green Energy have installed two major energy projects at Sandystones. In 2012 a 50 kw ground mounted phot voltaic array was installed. I was very impressed with the professionalism and speed of the work from the request for a quotation to the handover of the completed project. The work was completed on time and the final cost came in below the original quoted price, the output from the system has been consistently in excess of the predicted production which results in a quicker payback than originally estimated. On the two instances that inverters have failed, these have been replaced under warranty and within a very short timescale.

With the very positive experience I had with Renew on the solar, I decided to approach them to quote for a district heating system which involved supplying heat to the farmhouse, 3 cottages and a grain drier. Again the install was completed on time and within budget, although technically more demanding from an installation aspect than pv, I was very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the efficiency of all those involved. I was given very sound advice to install two 95kw boilers rather than one 199kw. This decision has not only saved on running costs but has made for a very efficient system. Inevitably there are teething problems and the benefit of using a local firm has paid dividends with technicians on site within hours of reporting an issue. As with the solar, the biomass has earned more than predicted initially which has reduced the payback and increased the return on capital.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Renew Green Energy. They are local, efficient and have the resources to manage".

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