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Case studies of Renewable energy installations in Scotland & Northumberland

Case Studies

With a thermally efficient house being built, our self build clients asked us to design the heating, electical and renewables solutions that would help to deliver running costs as close to zero as possible. We designed and installed the following solutions: a NIBE 12KW GSHP, 30 Kingspan evacuated tubes, underfloor heating and all electrical works and LED lighting throughout as well as bespoke 10KW PV array with Solar battery storage.

We also designed and built a larch shelter to provide cover for timber for the stove we fitted, but also a 10KW solar array (40 panels) coupled with a 6.4KW TESLA Powerwall battery storage unit. This means that the array should be able to provide around 80-90% of the electricty needed to run the house, with hotwater demands in the summer provided via the Solar Thermal should be able to produce 50% of total water needs (90% in summer months). This is still work in progress with more pictures to follow.

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