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Case studies of Renewable energy installations in Scotland & Northumberland

Case Studies

As part of an eco build project, we were asked to look at a bespoke solution. We installed 12, 300W Black LG panels, and with underground armoured cable connecting this array by the house. The mounting kit was bespoke & hand made, with the panels lifted to fit raised planters and therefore less obvious. However there was nothing 'off the shelf' that could be used to give the right angle and pitch, so our joiners built the solution to meet the requirements.

You can see from the photos below, how discreet the panels are from a different angle, yet the optimal pitch and aspect is acheived to gain maximum irradiance.

I approached Renew Green Energy after noticing on their website that they take an innovative approach to the location of PV arrays and I wanted to do something different to the usual roof arrangement. My idea was to align the PV arrays with raised vegetable planters in our garden. Renew Green Energy came up with a practical proposal at a good price and they delivered according to the schedule and budget we agreed. The result was just what we wanted.

Robin Burley MBE FRSA MSc

*images are the property of Robin & Lindsey Burley, and cannot be used without their permission

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