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Questions about servicing renewable solutions


Frequently asked questions

Why is servicing your Renewable Technology solution(s) important?

How do you prioritise call outs?

To help with any service / fault call, our code of practice helps us prioritise how and why we attend in the timescales we do.

  1. Existing customers are prioritised before new customers, (ie fixing & servicing before site visits)
  2. Recently installed customer as part of new installation (i.e. to get this running as it should)
  3. Customers who are on a service or support package, (Gold support customers have the highest priority)
  4. Customer who have had annual servicing
  5. Customers we installed
  6. Customers we didn't install, (if a service & support package is offered and accepted, then 'customer status' is agreed).

NB - the product which needs to be investigated may also need to be prioritised, eg solar PV and thermal may get less priority in winter (as the gains may be less), against those that provide heat and hot water (oil, gas, biomass, heat pumps etc.)

Do all solutions need to be serviced?

For solutions such as Solar PV, these should operate with very little maintenance, but many customers do look for peace of mind. Regularly checking your meter or possibly adding remote monitoring will help address many concerns, a clean with clear water from time to time may also help if in an area where dust may build up, however the weather usually takes care of that.Heat Recovery & Ventilation, Solar Thermal Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps, do require annual servicing and maintenance as part of the general running and / or to ensure the manufacturers' warranty remains valid. These tend to be checking the system, cleaning the filters, topping up glycol / brine, checking system diagnostics and tweaking settings to ensure the system is running optimally, (see below).

Biomass boilers do require more significant attention and should have an annual service as this will prolong the boiler life and ensure that it continues to perform at an optimum level. An annual service can often be required to ensure the manufacturers' extended guarantee remains valid. Most boilers will come with a statutory guarantee (usually 2 years), but if the boiler is serviced and maintained then the manufacturer guarantee can be extended by up to 5 years, (please see the individual boiler warranty information, or ask us to provide it is this cannot be found). At year 3, Biomass boilers usually need a very detailed and intensive service, which will involve stripping down certain components of the boiler and then rebuilding.

Why do you have to charge inspection fees?

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What do call out charges & rates vary?

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Why do you charge labour to replace parts under warranty?

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What are the emergency call out rates?

If you require us to be on site as quickly as possible, there is an emergency call out charge of £99.99 for existing customers and £199.99 for non customers which is in addition to the costs above.

Do you offer service packages to non customers?

We also offer service packages to customers where we have not installed the solution(s), however we charge a non-refundable system check of £99.99 (ex VAT) to check the system / operation, and based on this visit we will confirm if we can take the system on.(Inspection fee also applies to one off services)

What happens if I forget that you are coming to service my system and I forget?

Please note that if we have arranged to service call, and the system cannnot be serviced due to access being prevented, or in the case of biomass boilers not being switched off the night before and information relayed at the time of booking that is not followed, then a call out charge of £99.99 (ex VAT) may be incurred

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