Case studies of Renewable energy installations in Scotland & Northumberland

Case Studies

This stunning 400m2 new build is close to passive standards and so extremely air tight. However the surfaces of the building are polished concrete and therefore could be cold to the touch. We installed a small 6KW GSHP to enable the floor slab temperature to be lifted to allow this to be warm to the touch (and also heated the 300 litre hotwater cyclinder). The house utilises a large heat recovery & ventilation system to recirculate clean and warm air, or cool air in summer. During the summer months the GSHP can be turned off and the 30 Tube Kingspan Solar Thermal solutions will heat the water. The electricty costs are kept lower with the flat roof PV mounting kit which is invisible from the road as it sits under a well designed parapet wall. All of these solutions are set up to be managed remotely giving complete control.

"When I started my build project, one of the main goals was energy efficiency, which is why I decided to build to passive standards. In order to heat the hot water and the internal of the building, should it need it, I wanted a modern energy efficient solution. As I looked further in to this, it was apparent that there was a lot of companies out there offering this. However, it became apparent that not all of them fully grasped the brief. Thankfully, after having discussions with Renew Green Energy I realised they were the ones for the job. They had a clear understanding of the technology and also offered advise on tariffs and green deal loans. They did a fantastic job of installing a ground source heat pump, solar thermal and solar PV solution, as well as all of the general plumbing. I was immensely impressed with the neatness of the installation and professionalism displayed throughout. I can't recommend them enough, well done!" Ted Lynch - Melrose

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