Feed in tariff (FiTS) for Solar PV Arrays installed in Scotland & northern England


Get paid for the electricty you produce with the Feed in Tariffs (FiTs)

The Feed-In Tariff UK is a government scheme aimed at encouraging homeowners, businesses and organisations to generate their own "green" electricity. The FiT scheme pays 'generators' (i.e. you) a tariff for each unit of electricity generated and an additional tariff for each unit of electricity exported to grid . The initiative was set up in April 2010 to increase the level of renewable energy produced in the UK towards the Government's stated target of target of 15% by 2020.

The FiT for Solar PV is guaranteed and index-linkThe FiT for Solar PV is guaranteed and index-linked (i.e. keeps up with the Retail Price Index or more recently the Consumer Price Index) for 20 years and offers great financial benefits, lower energy bills (battery technology can reduce electricty costs by 75-90%),
protection from rising fuel prices and a lower impact on the environment. Battery technology does not impact you generation or export payments.

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So how does FiT work?

Simply, you are paid for every unit of electricity you generate, whether you use it or not. We fit an additional electricity meter to measure how much electricity your system generates and you will be paid for each unit you generate. You also get paid to 'feed' the grid' via the export tariff). If you have a system you'll benefit in three ways: Generation Tariff + Export Tariff + Bill Savings = Annual Benefit

The Generation Tariff.

Your electricity supplier will pay you the current FiT rates for every unit of electricity your system generates, whether you use it in your home or not. A generation meter counts the units and this is what the generation payment is paid on. You submit the meter readings quarterly to your energy provider (they usually send you an email to ask for this). Check here to see the current fit rates (opens new window click here for up to date FIT rates),

The Export Tariff.

An extra payment for the electricity you don't use, is called the "export tariff" where any electricity you generate but don't use is automatically bought from you by your electricity supplier at a minimum rate . For installations of up to 30KW this will be 50% of the generated units (regarless of the amount), greater than 30KW will need an export meter, and you submit the meter readings quarterly to your energy provider (they usually send you an email to ask for this). Check here to see the current fit rates.

Reducing your energy bills.

Conservatively your PV installation will generate up to 30% of the electricity your home needs, that's 30% less that you have to pay your electricity supplier.

The electricity generated by your solar panels will feed directly into your house, so it will power any appliances you're using during daylight hours. As electricity prices continue to rise, this is a huge benefit for our customers and lots of our customers save more by changing small habits, such as using their washing machine during peak daylight. However if you install battery technology, then you should be able to save c80% of your electricty costs.

What am I likely to receive?

Every household and commercial installation is different, but as an example: one of our well-designed 4KW systems on FIT rates in 2016 would roughly receive feed-in tariff payments from £150 per year, a further £80 from exporting electricity per year, plus a saving of c25-30% on electricity bills (average is £200 per year - this can rise to a 75%-90% saving when installing battery technology with PV). Index linked for 20 years.

How do I get involved and become eligible?

To claim the tariff, your system needs to meet a few simple criteria:

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