Replacing and Upgrading Your Solar Invertors


Replacing and Upgrading Solar Invertors

From time to time, invertors fail and need to be replaced, and they may well be out of warranty. There are two options available, replacing like for like (or similar brands), or you can also choose to upgrade to the Solar Edge Optimised Solution

We offer both options but would usually recommend the solar edge option as it will have many benefits:

  1. The output of an array, boosting production by between 10-18% which uplifts your FIT payments and decreases annual electricity costs.
  2. A new 10 year guarantee (with an option to extend to 20 years),
  3. Should you wish to store unused PV energy on compatible batteries such as the LG Chem RESU or TESLA batteries to use in the evening, this is easily fitted and so further maximises energy independence and lower electricity bills.
  4. Overall system efficiency is improved as the existing invertor loses some efficiency per year

This video may help explain things a bit better (forgive the American voice and don’t worry about topography)

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