Solar PV with battery storage technology


Solar Battery technology - maximising your investment

Renew Green Energy are one of only a few authorised installers of TESLA battery technologies

With ever increasing energy prices, you can now make the most out of solar energy when you add a Solar Battery Storage Systems as these store unused electricty that you have generated during the day, to then use at night when the majority of demand usually takes place. Click on the chart above which shows an estimate of how an average house would be impacted with the right battery storage being added and if sized and installed correctly should result in dramatic reductions in your electricity bills.

Battery technology is available for new installations and can be retrofitted to an existing array

Battery solutions are most commonly used to store electricty generated from Solar PV array and for over 12 months we have been installing Solar PV arrays with batteries, and also ensuring our customers are 'battery ready'. Click here to see a range of installations. Click here.

Please remember battery technology may not be right for everyone and we will need to understand if you are generating, how much you are using, but if like most households the bulk of electricty used is evening you would be able to consume all of the electrity you produce and should result in an average reduction in domestic bills from a 4KW solution by 75-85%, and and will help offset reliance on energy PV battery storage

Battery storage is one of the keys areas for research and development for many manufacturers and the technology will be constanty developing and changing over the months ahead.

At Renew Green Energy we will be keeping up to speed with all changes, as will our installation team who are experienced in the design and installation of renewable energy solutions. We have installed hundreds of PV arrays from 1KW and up to 200KW, with a huge amount of experience in building bespoke solutions, roof and ground-mounted PV systems, and the next wave using battery technology looks to be hugely exciting for the industry as a whole.

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