Solar iboost, installers in southern Scotland & northern England


Solar iBoost installers in southern Scotland and the north of England

Solar iboost is great compliment for your Solar PV array, and will also work very well when you have both Solar PV and Solar Thermal solutions. The Solar iBoost solution uses any unused energy you are generating from your PV array, to heat the water in your tank. Or put it this way, you will cut the cost of your water heating bills, with the payback usually within the first year.

It's also a non-intrusive installation and wireless. You only need to have a hot water tank with an immersion heater in your home for you to use Solar iBoost, which allows you to get even more savings from your Solar PV and Solar Thermal investments.

In summertime you will generate a significant amount of 'free' hot water, and if you also have a Solar Thermal solution, it should get almost 100% of your hot water demands for the average household, especially if you're out a lot in the daytime or have a large PV array and low energy usage. In winter Solar iBoost will use excess PV energy generation to preheat your water, so you will still be saving throughout the year. If you are have a larger than average size households, and / or with those with large hot water demands, with upsized hot water tanks this again will reduce the costs as the water will be preheated and therefore save on energy costs to heat the water.

Solar iboost is growing in popularity as latest technology advances can deliver really positive results:

We are located in the Scottish Borders town of Galashiels and we focus on the supply and installation of solar photovoltaic solutions in southern Scotland, (Edinburgh and Lothian, the Scottish Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Fife), and the north of England, (Northumberland, Newcastle and across to Cumbria).

Please contact us directly if you are interested in finding our more.

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