Protecting your investments with annual servicing

After your system has been commissioned we cover any defects for a 3 month post installation period, this is free of charge, after the 3 month period call outs and addressing issues become chargeable visits (costs are as below). (Please also note that unless otherwise specified, labour costs are not included when replacing parts which are under warranty, with charges as below).

The majority of renewable energy systems do require some attention (in the same way oil or gas boilers do). We offer a basic annual service option as well as an annual service & support package offering peace of mind and esnures we will be with you when you need us. We also offer a general plumbing and electrical service which is generally only offered to customers where we have installed solutions, however after a detailed survey this may be offered .

We also offer service packages to customers where we have not installed the solution(s), however we charge a non-refundable system check of £99.99 (ex VAT) to check the system / operation, and based on this visit we will confirm if we can take the system on.(Inspection fee also applies to one off services)

Our service plans cover the following technologies:

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirement further. (click here)

Please note that if we have arranged to service call, and the system cannnot be serviced due to access being prevented, or in the case of biomass boilers not being switched off the night before and information relayed at the time of booking that is not followed, then a call out charge of £99.99 (ex VAT) may be incurred

Please contact us to discuss our service plan options.

"I look forward to a long association with Renew Green Energy, the kind of assurance I was looking for".

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